Anterior talofibular ligament

* alert* If you are sick and tired of hearing my whine about my ankle, or sick and tired of seeing me limp around please save yourself more frustration and just click on out of here.  Go back to Facebook or wherever you came from and continue your time-wasting searches on Ryan Gosling or the latest macaroni craft, whatever it is you are finding life altering…………

It’s got to be the nurse in me, I love to learn about the human body. So complex, yet a perfectly oiled machine.  Everything is interdependent and yet at any given time, the body will compensate for an injury through a series of detailed minute changes.

So it’s going on three weeks and although my ankle is better, I still am having trouble running for much more than a mile or two.  I bit the bullet and got it xrayed on Monday. Good news, no fracture.  So I ran last Tuesday and same thing, started really hurting after a half mile.

Today I decided to pay a visit to my friend Paul Higgs, the athletic trainer at GCSU.  Wow! Did I learn alot about ankles, and sprains, and braces and running.

He explained to me the reason I keep having pain in the front of my ankle is that I tore the ligament that holds the tibia and fibia(the two lower bones in the lower leg right above the ankle) together. So since the muscles that surround the ankle are stretched to kingdom come and back from doing this:


No wonder it hurts every time I run. Those poor muscles surrounding my ATF ligament are not strong enough yet and every step causes that ligament stress.

So now is when I am thinking he’s getting ready to say, “Hold off running for a while.” but instead, he gives me this:

This bad boy hold my ankle like a vault. It is not wiggling any kind of way. The result? Best run yet! I ran two miles tonight with minimal pain.

These cool straps come up around and mimic the ankle muscles to hold my ankle up without that side to side wobbling.  Instant relief!

Thanks Paul! When I understand why it hurts and what to do about it I feel so much better.  Reminds me to take a few extra minutes to explain the “why” to my patients.


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