Money saving edition 2011

Ok, so with my first daughter leaving to go to college, I began to ponder ways that I can patch up the holes in my wallet. For real y’all! Do you know how expensive college is?   I am daily shocked at the sticker price. 

After analyzing my budget with a fine tooth comb, seeing where the leaks were occurring, Wayne and I have got a plan that I think is gonna work. In the mean time, I am learning that there are some really painless ways to save a few extra dollars:

Couponing– Now what I save in couponing will not come near to paying for Leslie’s freshman meal plan, however, it puts a little jingle back in my pocket so me and the pretty man can eat out on a Friday night.  I do not claim to be an expert by any means, however, I have learned by trial and error. It makes it fun when you have friends who enjoy it even more than you and share the love like my pal, Cason.  Now that girl has got it going on and I learned alot at her coupon conference last weekend!

Transportation Last month we traded in my Mazda, for a sweet little grey Toyota Corolla. I love it! It is cheaper, way cheaper.  It takes much less gas, insurance is cheaper and believe it or not, it rides so much smoother.

Bye bye dryer- I had actually been asking Wayne for the last year to put up a clothesline in the backyard. A perk of country living is no neighbors or covenants to abide by. Hmmmm well that can be good and bad. Anyways, the clothesline has been up for the last few months, and I think we are shaving down the Tri County bill. I still have the dryer, and I use it occasionally, but am I weird that I love to hang out clothes?

Thrifting-  I decided around Christmas to see how long I could go without shopping for clothes, well new clothes anyways.  I have to admit, my Goodwill is the absolute nicest one I’ve ever been in.  I usually find really good loot when I go, and so far the only “new” clothes I’ve bought is a bathing suit (there is a limit to my thriftiness, and underwear and bathing suits at the limit) and a sundress that was on clearance at Walmart.  The interesting thing is that I’ve realized I don’t NEED that much to wear, most of the time I just buy it because I want it, or because it makes me feel better to have something new….how dysfunctional is that?!?  Now I am trying to see if I can make it a year on secondhand clothing.

There are still alot of ways I could be better at saving money, and there are areas that I’m not ready to scrimp on.  If I told you how much I intend on spending on running shoes next month you would probably understand why I am buying my running shirts at Goodwill! 🙂



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3 responses to “Money saving edition 2011

  1. cathryn

    I LOVE the Lake Oconee Goodwill. At last count I have 32 dresses most of which were $5.50 at Goodwill. My best finds include a Lily Pulitzer dress and a black silk Ann Taylor dress. I also scored 2 Waterford crystal pieces there. So I’m not sure how much I’m saving by shopping there because I do buy more than I ever would otherwise but it sure is fun overindulging on the cheap!

  2. Not sure how big of difference it makes b/c we’re on budget billing with GA Power, but I leave my washer and dryer unplugged unless in use. I once read that appliances like that suck up an enormous amount of energy.

  3. I hear you on the running shoes – At first I was happy when Clint decided to get into running, I though how cheap – no gear.. I was so wrong – good shoes are expensive – and he has to change them so often because of all the miles he puts on them.

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