The Comeback

Today is the day I run. For two weeks I have nursed this bum ankle.  If you remember correctly, I was in a mess two weeks ago.  Honestly, it hurt like heck and the whole thing was incredibly frustrating.  Good grief that looks awful!

I’ll be completely honest, I have been in full out freak out mode. I just registered for the Rock n Roll marathon in Savannah on November 5th. So this set me back, how far, I’m not sure yet.  I knew, despite my intense frustration and anxiety about training, that I had no choice, but to stay off of it long enough for it to heal.

Today was two weeks since the whole “UWG bus disaster”.  After work, I nervously made my way to the gym. There was no way I was compounding this whole saga by trying to run in 106 degree Georgia heat. I wrapped my ankle tight, breathed a prayer, asking God to please not let me fall off the treadmill and started a slow 3.0 pace.  I’ve been walking without pain for about 5 days so the warm up was no big deal.

 After a mile I was anxious to run and at the same time scared to death of what the results would be.

I started slow, slower than I thought was necessary just in case.  At a 5.0 pace, I was moving at a like  fast walk rather than a jog.  My calf and shin felt tight, but no pain. Good sign.  I continued at this pace for just a few more minutes than delicately, almost tenderly, let myself put a tad more pressure on it as I picked up the pace. I lasted for 3/4 of a mile when the soreness made me favor my knee.  The ankle wasn’t exactly hurting, but it didn’t feel that fantastic either.  I slowed back to a walk and finished the last mile. 

The good news is, I was able to walk all evening without pain and there was no new swelling. Maybe, just maybe, I’m gonna be able to pull off this marathon.

So all in all, I consider it a success. Patience is a virtue, one that I am trying to obtain and display in my life. As my pal Autumn, a fellow runner says “Never, never, never give up!”


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