Living in your Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is the point of existence that Paul describes in Philippians 4:11. A place that in unaffected by the black clouds that are gathering around you.  You can feel the rain drops and hear distant thunder, but it is nothing more than a summer shower to you.

Living in the sweet spot means that I am not unaware of my circumstances, quite the contrary. In fact, living in the sweet spot means that I have learned to be quiet in my soul and mind in the middle of strife.  I have allowed God to place a calming hand over my heart and instruct my heart to beat in perfect time with His.

To hear Him whisper, I must be still. To feel his smile, I must turn my face to His.  To experience His peace that soothes my wildly beating heart, I must open my hands and release the consequences of my obedience to His care.

And what happens is nothing less than a miracle. I find a sweet spot. I say to my storms,” Go ahead and rage. Thunder roar and lightning flash. Winds blow as hard as you may, I am safe.”

To live in the sweet spot is to look around and see turmoil on every side, yet choose to leave it there, to walk in peace. 

To live in the sweet spot, is to hear voices of anger, but listen to The Voice of Love.

To live in the sweet spot is to embrace the security that comes from more than knowing His presence. It is the realization that you are loved. There is no need for me to struggle. He is everything I need. He is the sweet spot.

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