And sometimes I wonder…….

Will God give me grandsons one day?

Why are some people so selfish?

What if I had been born in another country….to Muslim parents?

What if I said what I really thought?

How long am I going to keep coloring my hair?

What will it feel like to run 26.2 miles?

Why doesn’t God give up on me?

How long would it take me to write a book? What would I write about?

What if Grandma ( Wayne’s mom) was still alive?

Would I rather be invisible, or read people’s thoughts?

And that was just today………………



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2 responses to “And sometimes I wonder…….

  1. I thought I was the one who thought like that. Especially the part about what if I had been born in a different country and to Muslim parents. I really liked this. I guess I don’t wonder about coloring my hair and waynes mom but you get what I’m saying. Keep up the good work.

  2. Definitely invisible.

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