My yoga Instructor

My ankle is healing nicely.  I have had a hard time resisting the urge to run, but I know if I plan on doing a marathon in November, I must be good for another week or so.

I decided that today was a good morning to stretch out my ankle and so I dusted off my yoga poses in hopes of strengthening my core, while keeping things easy on my ankle.

 Meet my yoga instructor, Willow:


She was exuberantly ready to help as soon as she saw the yoga mat on the ground.  She curiously watched me  from her spot in Daddy’s chair as I stretched and warmed up with cleansing breaths.

As soon asI I got myself in warrior I pose she jumped up to assist me.  She immediately critiqued my pose by jumping up off the ground to try to sniff my fingertips. No doubt she was just trying to help me lengthen and strengthen.

The next pose was downward dog. She decided that in order for me to fully feel the stretch in my hamstrings, she would jump up on my legs with her front paws and lick the backs of my knees.

When I went into childs pose, she was fully engaged as she licked my ears and neck.  When I responded with only deep cleansing breaths, she stuck her snout between my arms and face and nuzzled me with breath that smelled like she had just eaten the squirrel I saw her chasing earlier this morning.

We ended with a pretzel like pose in which my legs were crossed and feet rested on my thighs. She saw her chance. To test my balance she ran full force and with front paws hurled herself on my shoulders, bowling me over. She consoled my poor balancing skills with a full lick of my face, a playful growl and she tried to chew the corner of my shirt.

I swear, if Ginny wouldn’t miss her I would sell this mutt to the circus.



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