Happy 4th of July

Slept late

Made banana bread and drank coffee all by myself this morning while everyone else snoozed

Made my very first fruit pizza to take to a 4th party this afternoon. Thanks Hollie it was a hit!

Reviewed my marathon training plan/diet that I start in the morning.

Floated in the lake

Ate the BEST HAMBURGER ever- courtesy of Bubba Dover!

Remembered today was my Grandma Hunt’s birthday. Two of my nieces are named after her.  She’s been in heaven for a while now.  Also, today was PawPAw Welch’s birthday.  I’m smiling when I write this remebering him telling us how he thought the fireworks were just for him when he was a kid. Yep PawPaw you picked the perfect day to be born….you were quite a fire cracker!

Well it’s just me and Wayne  and I think we are going to amble down to the end of the drive when it gets dark and watch the fireworks over the lake.

Happy 4th of July!



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One response to “Happy 4th of July

  1. YAY! So glad it was a hit. Wish I had a piece right now. 🙂

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