My latest obsession

Cotton knitted washcloths.  I am obsessed with the beautiful cloth, the nubby textures and the simple country sweetness of a basket full of home made knitted washcloths.

Why in the world would I knit a washcloth when you could buy a bundle at Walmart for $3.00?

Because if I gave you a bundle of  washcloths from Walmart I would conside the value of our friendship at about $3.00.

But, when I knit you a washcloth, I spent time picking out the perfect color of thread.  Your personality has to match the color. I looked through about thirty different patterns and picked one that seems perfect for you. Then I spend a couple hours knitting.  I knitted and thought of you.  I was thinking about how much I care about you. I was thinking about how we met, why I love you so much and sometimes I even pray over you when I’m knitting.

Giving gifts becomes a gift when you invest yourself in the gift.  There is no way I could afford in dollars what I invest in time and thought. Wayne asked me if I wanted to sell knitted gifts.  I just laughed.  No, no one would pay what they are worth.   How can you sell something you put so much love into?  You can’t. You just love, and give it away.


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One response to “My latest obsession

  1. I received your two beautiful washcloth today in the mail – it made my day! Thank you – they are gorgeous – how can I ever scrub any dishes with these, they are much too nice. I will think of you every time I use them, and all those times we got stuck doing dishes together, and I always got stuck drying 😦

    Thanks for spoiling me!

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