Freak Out

Yesterday at 1:30 pm I stepped off the bus at West Georgia and somehow landed on the side of my foot with a resulting blinding white-hot pain through my right ankle.  I can’t even tell you how it happened it all was so fast, but somehow Leslie got me home and Wayne and Ginny have been taking care of my every need.

Let’s just say, while I may be an awesome nurse….I am a terrible patient.  I really don’t have time to be sick or injured and I get extremely frustrated when I must have someone help me to the bathroom. 

When you are a runner and get injured, it’s a catastrophe.  I have thought about both races I am supposed to run this weekend…..frustrated.  I am thinking about the training program I am supposed to start on Monday for my marathon……frustrated.  I am thinking about how I probably need to eat only 800 calories for the next few days since I’ll be sitting my hiney…..frustrated.

When you are a nurse and get injured, it’s a disaster. Most nurses I know do not want any help, yet I can’t walk ten feet to the potty…….frustrated.  You realize that the healing process is going to be at least two weeks, and you can’t rush it….frustrated. My pain tolerance is low, very low, and I don’t think ibuprofen works fast or efficient enough……frustrated.

But, I am going to sit in front of the TV all day and knit, and drink coffee, and take a potty break when I get my courage up. So maybe I’ll remind myself that it’s OK not to always be in control, that sometimes you have to receive help instead of always being the provider.

And maybe, if I’m really good, and I wrap my ankle really tight, I can make it all the way to potty by myself tonight. 

Patience, it’s a virtue.



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3 responses to “Freak Out

  1. Kenny Huff

    Stephanie, I am so sorry that you hurt yourself. It is never a good time to be sick or injured is it. I felt your frustration as I read your post—talking about timing. As I was reading your analogy, my mind took me back to the many times I have been incapacitated and frustrated to say the least; it was those times God’s small still voice wanted to talk to me—only I wasn’t listening, so He got my attention. If I may make a suggesting from one friend to another—let go of the frustration, embrace the attention, and by all means listen to the small still voice that I know is coming your way. Remember, through your weakness, He is made strong.
    Your brother in Christ,

  2. Rachel

    My perfectionistic nature has been PLAGUING me……I went to look for your email (since leaving a comment on your blog would be akin to leaving my credit card on the gas pump!!!!), Upon not finding your email asdress, I then left a response to this post on your “about” page accidentally. Horrors!!! Doesn’t appear that I have the powers to transfer it to the proper location….sorry! Please don’t give me demerits.

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