Just like old times

I am lying here typing this post from an empty dorm room on a hard crinkly plastic mattress. (props to my wordpress app for Droid)  It is covered my sheet, but every move I make causes a sound like someone unwrapping a peppermint in church.  Next door some kids mom is talking loudly on her cell phone to his dad and at last count had him a “donkey” about 6 times, the dad not the kid.
I look around this room and I think about my adventures in the strictest college in the 21st century. Good ole PCC. If you know me at all, you know I stretched every rule to the limit, although that is not difficult when the rules were as obscenely strict as they were.  Only the kids of the 80′ and 90′ who experienced the rulebook of PCC and the susbsequent weekly treck to administrative counsel can appreciate the shock value our illicit behavior.  Once I kissed my boyfriend on the top floor of the science building. The transgressions of those days seem utterly mild in 2011, but at the time, to an uptight legalistic administration who placed a higher value on rules than a relationship, we drove them crazy.
If only they had known that it was ok to love Jesus …..and have fun.   Someone back then should have told me that guilt is a terrible tool for behavior modification. I tried to be a rule keeper but the pull of my fun loving personality would not be restrained by frowns from deans in suits and long polyester skirts.
I had a partner in crime. Her name was Sarah. We were bad.
We were both campused our last semester for our indiscretions. *smile*
I remember skipping chapel and hiding under our bunks. It was a wild crazy feeling to know the entire campus was busy singing the Doxology while we were dancing to forbidden stations on the radio in her room.

She led me astray as much as I did her. Somehow we both managed to graduate from those hallowed halls with our sense of humor and adventure intact. We both have some stories that I guess will forever remain our secrets. To print them in public would probably send the admonistration into a frenzy. Can you have your degree revoked after twenty years?

But if you know me, and imagine what my 20 year old self was capable of ……you are probably right, I probably did that and a little more.


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